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Claire Riseborough
Claire RiseboroughFounder & Director, Step into Tech C.I.C

Claire Riseborough


Claire Riseborough is the founder of social enterprise ‘ Step into Tech’, which began in November 2016 to make sure we are doing all we can to help children reach their full tech potential.

Step into Tech brings together parents, educators, employers and tech specialists with an aim to build connections across the community to make it easier for everyone – parents, teachers, tech clubs and other support providers – to work together in supporting children and young people

Claire has just under 10 years experience working in the Technology sector having previously worked for a rapidly growing computer services company, at a time when digital technology was in its infancy. She’s also worked in the others sectors including art and design and has help to build Community and Charity campaigns from the grass roots.

She believes it is important for young people, whatever their interests; science, art, music, creative writing, media, social care, environment, to embrace technology in order to become the creators of their future.

Step into Tech has set up a thriving Tech Club for young people in Norwich, a regular group for young people to meet up, make friends, be inspired and share ideas about tech. And has also delivered hachathon style events for young people 8-18.

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