Spicule – 2019 Gold Sponsor


Data platforms can be a complex affair and in modern businesses a lot of reliance is placed upon the data streaming out of numerous analytics and database environments.

Spicule has a wealth of experience and expertise in deploying and scaling large scale data platforms for a range of multi-national clients.


Business Owners – Get Expert Insight

Our data platforms and tools can give you the insight you need to revolutionise your business and help you make better decisions as a result.

Being able to easily understand your business data is vital to the growth and health of all modern businesses.

It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and bring your business analysis infrastructue up to date.

Invest Wisely

We can show you where your firm is performing well, and where things could be improved.

You’re In Control

Most importantly, we’ll make this information easily available to you, wherever and whenever you need it.


Data Analysts – Curate Data with Ease

Forget the boring work and leave it to us. Concentrate on what interests you and is important to your business.

We provide the systems and support to ensure your data processing platforms continue providing what is core to you.

Whatever the requirements and budget, we have tools that can help.

Data Processing

Spicule has expert knowledge in building high performance data pipelines, let us build the platform and provide the data scientists with the results

Data Visualisation

Commercial or open source? It doesn’t matter, we have a range of experience with a large number of Business Intelligence and Data Visualsation tools to fit your requirements.